Sermons: Guests

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Date Title Presenter
2014-08-01 Conquering the Giant Marty Robbins Play
2014-05-16 Four Powers of Witnessing Marty Robbins Play
2014-04-04 Setting an Example Craig Heinrich Play
2014-03-21 Let There Be Life Gil Labrucherie Play
2014-02-21 The Joy of Listening Gil Labrucherie Play
2014-01-24 Resolution of Faith for the New Year Gil Labrucherie Play
2013-11-15 Counting the Cost of Commitment Marty Robbins Play
2013-10-11 Hope for the Lukewarm Marty Robbins Play
2013-09-27 A Story for the Brokenhearted Rick Bockmann Play
2013-09-13 One With Nineveh Pastor Paul Hawks Play
2013-08-30 You Want Me to Do What? Lynden Chapman Play
2013-08-23 Face to Face with Death Dennis Porter Play
2013-08-09 King of Our Heart Marty Robbins Play
2013-07-26 That One Choice David Kelley Play
2013-06-21 Stay Awake for the Second Coming Marty Robbins Play
2013-06-07 Anticipating the Advent Marc Woodson Play
2013-05-24 Face Your Fear Dave Kelley Play
2013-05-10 From Eve to Eternity Connie Criswell Play
2013-05-10 Tending the Lord's Garden Gil Labrucherie Play
2013-04-12 A John the Baptist for the Last Days Marty Robbins Play
2013-04-05 Pathfinder Sabbath Eddie Heinrich Play
2013-03-15 Make Room for God Gil Labrucherie Play
2013-03-08 Comming Soon...Heaven Marty Robbins Play
2013-02-22 Struggling With God Kevin and Sharla Erich Play
2013-01-25 Noah found Grace Pastor Paul Hawks Play
2013-01-18 Remembering Always Gil Labrucherie Play
2012-11-30 One Truth Gil Labrucherie Play
2012-09-07 Train Up A Child Jim Pimentel Play
2012-09-21 Becoming God's Best Version of You Kevin and Sharla Erich Play